Info: Hometown: Soriano nel Cimino, Italia
Genre: Heavy/Progressive Metal

Members: Matteo Peluffo – Vocals
Enrico Fucci – Guitars
Alessio Di Clementi – Guitars
Giorgio Piermattei – Bass
Ivan Fusco – Keyboards/Synth
Riccardo Curti – Drums

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Biography ArseA, formed in 2006. The members of ArseA, who had all come to the band following various experiences with other groups, immediately decided to begin writing their own songs. The first successes, arriving in September 2007 with the participation of the band at theMusic Village, an event that allows a select band throughout Italy to spend seven days incontact with those that are the reality of Italian music today. In 2007, guitarist Simone was forced to leave the group for work reasons and, after a month of searching, he was replaced by Alessio Di Clementi. In July 2008, ArseA was chosen from among over 300 Italian bands to represent Italy at one of the largest metal festivals in Europe, METALCAMP, held in Tolmin, Slovenia. September 2008, the band played outside Rome at the concert of Brutal Truth + Cripple Bastard.

In December 2008, ArseA performed abroad again, this time in Budapest, at Nu Metal Community Vol. 2 where they were very well-received. 2009 got off to a good start, with three great bookings in January alone. ArseA’s first live show of the year was at the Palarockness in Genzano di Roma, just outside the capital, on 25.01.09, where they played alongside other supporting bands. On 31.01.09 they played at Palarockness yet again, this time as support band to O.D. SAXON during their Italian tour, with whom they played again at SONAR in Colle di Val d’Elsa in the province of Siena on 01.02.09.

In April 2009, the band finally found the long-awaited last member of its line-up, Ivan Fusco who, on keyboards and synth, added the final element to the band’s already tight sound; unfortunately it will have a very short stay in the band, because for business reasons will be forced to move in the other side of the nation.

In 2010 the band returned to tread the stages in Europe: two concerts in Amsterdam inApril and July, the participation in the prestigious European festival Magic Circle Festival IV° edition, where sees the bill bands like Manowar, Kamelot, Virgin Steele, Arch Enemy, ecc.. In 2011 is a new line-up change: at the voice, instead of Alessandro D’Arcangeli, Matteo Peluffo joined the band. After 2 years, back in the band Ivan Fusco on keyboards and synths. Also in this year, Arsea begin work on the new album. In 2012 the band returned to Metalcamp in Slovenia for the ninth edition, with the new line-up! In 2013 the band returned in Slovenia on the main stage of Metaldays Festival, sharing the stage with In Flames, Overkill, Ensiferum, Soilwork and more. 2014 is dedicated to recording the new album, A New Dawn; it will be out in Feb 2015 with label Revalve Records!

The album promotion, which began in the middle of the same year, continues to see the band sharing the stage with big names in the metal scene. In fact, among others, ArseA participate in More Than Fest in Slovakia in 2016 alongside bands such as Stratovarius, Children of Bodom, Dragonforce etc. and at Maximum Rock Festival in Romania, where they also share the scene with Kamelot and Moonspell. At the beginning of 2017 they open the scene, again in Romania, for PAIN. In the summer of the same year they went on the main stage of the important HILLS OF ROCK festival in Bulgaria, where they had the pleasure of sharing the stage with Evanescence, Guano Apes, Three Days Grace, Epica, and more.

In 2018 the band start to work on the New Album. In the meantime ArseA played in some important event like July Morning in Tutrakan alongside musician such as John Lawton(Uriah Heep), and at Enigma Rock 2 again in Bulgaria, sharing the stage also with Infected Rain. We are currently working on the New Album and look forward to going out with it soon! Please, stay tuned on our Social Instagram and Facebook!
ArseA - A New Dawn (2015)

A New Dawn

Tracklist: 1. Awakening
3. Defected Light
4. Out Of Mind
5. Behind
6. Quantum Society
7. Cross The Line
8. Aseptic Life
9. A New Dawn

Italian Release: February, 16th 2015
Worlwide Release: April, 20th 2015

Label: Revalve Records

All music and lyrics composed and written by ArseA
Recorded by Simone Angelini and Silvio Gentili at Viterbo Musica Studios (Viterbo, Italy) during 2013/2014
Vocals recorded by Fabio Recchia at Fabio Recchia Studios (Rome, Italy) during 2013
Engineered, Mixed and Mastered by Mauro Munzi

Cover artwork, design by Nicolas Chacin
Layout by Riccardo Curti
Band photography by David Catalani

Next Tour Dates ArseA tour dates
• July Morning Fest, July 1st (BG)
• Enigma Rock w/Infected Rain, Sept 8th (BG)

• Hills of Rock 2017 w/EVANESCENCE, EPICA, GUANO APES, THREE DAYS GRANCE and more, July 1st (Plovdiv - BG)
• w/PAIN and Dust in Mind, Apr 22th (Quantic Club, Bucarest - RO)
• w/CIVIL WAR and NIGHTMARE, May 3rd (Brescia, IT)

• MORE THAN FEST 2016 (Slovakia)

• w/FREEDOM CALL, Nov 21th (Florence, IT)
• w/LEPROUS, Nov 19th (Rome, IT)


• METALCAMP, Second Stage (Slovenia)


• NU METAL COMMUNITY, VOL 2 (Budapest, Hungary)
• METALCAMP, Second Stage (Slovenia)

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